Assisted Reproduction for Single Mothers

The number of single mothers who want to experience a pregnancy is increasing. Therefore we offer these women at our institute the possibility to realize their dream of becoming a mother with the help of assisted reproduction.

Article 6 of law 14/2006 of may 26 about the assisted reproduction of human says:

“Any woman over 18 years and with full capacity to act, may be the recipient or user of the techniques regulated in this law, provided that she has given her written consent to it in a free, conscious and express way. The woman may be a user or recipient of the techniques regulated in this law regardless of her marital status and sexual orientation.

We always choose the technique which suites each woman the most. We need to make some analysis in order to to find out which technique is the best.

These are the treatment options for a single mother:

  1. Artificial insemination with donated sperm (AID)
  2. In vitro fertilisation with donated sperm (IVF)
  3. Implantation of fertilized eggs with donated sperm (double donation)
  4. Implantation of another couple’s embryos

The result depends mostly on the mother’s age and on the existence of additional reason from the sterility.

The most popular technique among future mothers which are singles is the IAD due to the fact that the chances of becoming pregnant are similar to the ones in a sexual relationship.

The donor will always be anonymous and will chosen by the medical team, as established in article 6.4 of law 14/2016:

“In the application of techniques of the assisted reproduction the choice of the donor semen can only be made by the medical team that applies the technique that must preserve the conditions of anonymity of the donation. In no case may the donor be selected at the request of the recipient. In any case, the corresponding medical team should seek to ensure the greatest possible phenotypic and immunological similarity of the samples available with the recipient woman.”