Egg donation recipients

A lot of women saw their dream to be a mother come true thanks to egg donation.

This technique is recommendable for women who are having ovarian problems due to the menopause, because of an ovary operation, a treatment which has caused them a lower reproductive capacity (chemotherapy or radiotherapy), women with genetic diseases which can’t be detected with the PGD and for women with low-quality eggs, low reaction to stimulation, several abortions or failed implantations.

The donors are anonym women from 20 to 30 years, who donate their eggs voluntarily in order to make other women’s dreams to become a mother true.

Ahead of the selection of the donors, we will make a detailed study, according to the law. This study includes a psychological analysis, a gynaecological examination and several analysis which rule out 200 hereditary diseases (Recombine Test), Karyotype and other infecting disease (serelogie).

The donors will be selected by a strict compability control for each patient.

The eggs which have been taken out of the donor  with the insertion will be whether fertilised with the partner’s sperm or the one from a donor in the laboratory.

The woman has to undergo an easy treatment which consists out of the oral, transdermical or vaginal administration of oestrogens which prepare the uterus for the transfer of the embryos.

Usually valuable embryos remain after the transplantation. They can be conserved for future pregnancy wishes of our client thanks to the cryopreservation.

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