Your first visit at IMARA

Arrange your first appointment in our clinic. This one will be completly for free. Call us or write us an e-mail and we will arrange an appointment for the next possible date.

You should bring to your first appointment, if available, all the medical informs or diagnosed tests (Analyzes, semen analysis etc), which you have already done in order to make the diagnosis easier.

If you do not live in Malaga, we recommend you to send us by e-mail or fax all the former results you have on your disposal ahead of your first appointment. Like this we can recommend you which other analysis you should do before, in order to prevent unnecessary journeys.

If you do not live in Spain, we suggest you to send us all the reports and sondes about your situation and if they are very descriptive, we can already give you information on the initial treatment we would like to use in order to make your stay in Malaga as short and less disturbing as possible. However, we offer you to have a first personal consultation but you can still send us all the information in order to get to know your case profoundly.

Once you have agreed your first appointment our medical team will receive you in order to make the consultation and analyze the revision of your medical history, former tries and treatments. You should bring all your reports, former results and test in order to complete your file.

Consulta Reproducción Asistida MálagaTherefore you have to sign a declaration of consent, as well as the authorisation of the LOPD. As soon as your doctor has analysed your medical history, he will inform you about the further gynaecological process. He informs you also about all the results of each sonde.

It is possible that the doctor needs in some occasions an additional result before he can choose the right treatment. In this case both sides agree in the second appointment on the treatment.

As soon as the doctor has all the necessary information at his disposal, he will decide which treatment will be the most useful, which medication you have to take and which other analysis will be relevant. For making a diagnosis it will be also necessary to analyze the sperms.

Once your appointment has finished, we will offer you a detailed budget with all the relevant methods the doctor proposed you.

Call or write us for your first free consultation:
Telephone: 952 22 53 95