Protection of the Fertility

The egg vitrification is a treatment for preserving a certain number of a woman’s eggs, in case she wants to preserve them due to personal or professional reasons.

The most fertile period in a woman’s life if from the age of 20 until 35. These years overlap with her personal development and her career.

The problem begins usually after the woman has turned 35, as the fertility index decreases from this moment on and after the 40s upwards, it drops so much that a pregnancy with her own eggs is impossible. In order to prevent this case a woman can preserve her eggs in order to use them in the future when the right moment has come.

Some diseases can provoke the definite sterilisation of a woman at a fertile age (radiotherapy and chemotherapy). In this case the vitrification technique gives them a chance to become a mother once they have overcome their illness.

This method is made for women who suffer from a malfunction which is related to the fertility like premature menopause or autoimmune diseases.

The process is easy and the cost are not very elevated. It starts with the stimulation of the ovaries and an insertion in those (first and second phase of the IVF), in order to extract eggs and vitrificate them afterwards.

The success of the treatment depends mostly on the age of the patient and the status of the eggs.