Testicular Biopsy

A testicular biopsy is a surgical biopsy. Your doctor starts by making a cut in the skin. A cut also is made in the testicle. Then a small tissue sample is taken from the opening. The tissue sample will be used for a laboratory analysis.

This incision is done in the case the ejaculation does not contain sperms or the amount or quality of those is not well enough for making an assisted reproduction. Besides doctors do this kind of treatment in the case of constipation of the spermatic duct, provoked by an infection or a surgery (like a vasectomy).

The goal is to take out sperms for injecting them into the partner’s eggs which have been extracted through ovarian puncture.

This operation needs an anaesthesia and can be done ambulant.

The operation starts with a little incision in the scrotum through which we will take out a little tissue sample which will be analyzed immediately in the laboratory for finding out how high the amount of useful sperms is.