Instituto Malavé de Ginecología (IMAG)

Our team consists out of doctors who are specialized on women’s health. We offer you a medical treatment which is personalized and has a high quality thanks to the latest technologies.

To reach our aim demands a constant development of our doctors, as well as of the technologies in order to attend the woman’s needs in the different levels of her life.

A woman should undergo constantly from entering the puberty until the menopause several revisions, depending on her age.

A woman’s life is full of situations which should be analyzed meticulously by a gynaecologist, like family planning as a fundament of a fulfilled sexual life and the treatment of the menopause.

The hormone testing will be done in determined cases for diagnosing deviations which could influence the right way of working of the woman’s organism and for excluding options which could worse the health and the life quality.

Women who opt to become mothers will be accompanied personally during the pregnancy from the same gynaecologist they have chosen from the beginning until the birth.

We do high definition 3D/ 4D ultrasounds in our prenatal area, as well as blood test and all the required genetic testings.

All the women or couples who need help for becoming pregnant will be attended in our assisted reproduction and genetic consultation department.

Our gynaecologists and embryologists receive by means of a first consultation the necessary information for offering you alternatives, which you could choose. You will be accompanied from the beginning until the end by the same specialists.

Furthermore our institute has a menopause and quantitative computed tomography department. Dr Martin Malave is one of the co-funders of the Spanish association for analyzing the menopause (AEEM). He has developed throughout the last years his scientific activities in this area. To bend something forward means to make a future full of life quality possible and we should not forget that the woman’s climacteric can last upto 30 years.

Our today’s society demands a mature woman to be healthy and full of energy. We also have this attitude at the gynaecological institute Malave.

Another important department are the obstetrics and the gynaecological surgery. Both will be realized in the best clinics in Malaga

If it is not possible to attend an urgency in our institute, we attend you in the Parque San Antonio Hospital where one of our gynaecologists will be available to attend you 24h a day.

Everything we have mentioned before would lose its importance, if we would not cultivate our principal value: the relationship between doctor and patient.

We strive every day for our patients’ well-being. We want the woman from the first appointment on to feel comfortable, informed and well.

All of us, the doctors and our team members, make a big effort for reaching this.


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