A doctor has to support a woman throughout her menopause but also in the years ahead of entering this stage.

The woman should know which changes accompany these years.

We can confirm the beginning of the menopause after an gynaecological examination, whether you need a treatment or not and which treatments are necessary for guaranteeing or maintaining your lifestyle.

Women can find in our menopause and osteoporosis department all the answers to their needs, which will change throughout the years and require different advices and gynaecological help.

Women at this age learn which points are their main problems: the breasts, the bones, the heart, the blood vessels etc.

We do our best for the woman to maintain throughout the menopause an exquisite lifestyle.


Osteoporosis, or porous bone, is a disease characterized by low bone mass and structural deterioration of bone tissue, leading to bone fragility and an increased risk of fractures, which increases the life quality.

This happens more often to women than to men.

For women bone loss is fastest in the first few years after menopause, and it continues into the postmenopausal years. Osteoporosis will develop when bone resorption occurs too quickly or when replacement occurs too slowly due to the decrease of oestrogen.

We must detect as soon as possible bone mass deterioration, in order to avoid posterior fractures.

It is important to know the personal and familiar antecedents ahead of the quantitative computed tomography which is a medical technique that measures bone mineral density.

It is painless and with much less exposure to radiation. Furthermore it gives us enough information for further processions.

The osteoroposis is a silent disease because there are no symptoms until you have a bone fracture. Our duty is to prevent this.

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