Método ROPA

Description and indications

The ROPA method makes it possible for married women to share childbearing. It consists of an IVF treatment shared by both women. One of them will provide the oocytes and the other will be the mother of the embryos resulting from fertilisation with donor sperm, one being the genetic mother and the other the mother who gives birth.

Sperm donors are always anonymous and their selection is the responsibility of the medical team as stated in art. 6.4 of Law 14/2006: "In the application of assisted reproduction techniques, the choice of the sperm donor may only be made by the medical team applying the technique, which must preserve the conditions of anonymity of the donation".

It is important that both parties sign the corresponding informed consent, which will provide them with legal responsibilities for the offspring resulting from the technique. Since 2007, Spanish law has allowed the registration of double motherhood in the Civil Registry as long as the couple is married.

Certificación Bureau Veritas. ISO9001 , UNE179007
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