Single motherhood

Reproducción asistida para maternidad en solitario

There are more and more women who want to experience motherhood alone as a personal choice, so in our centre we offer the possibility of exercising this right through assisted reproduction techniques.

Article 6 of Law 14/2006, of 26 May, on assisted human reproduction techniques states: "Any woman over 18 years of age and with full capacity to act may be a recipient or user of the techniques regulated in this Law, provided that she has given her written consent to their use in a free, conscious and express manner. A woman may be a user or recipient of the techniques regulated in this Law regardless of her marital status or sexual orientation".

The technique to be used will always be the most appropriate for each woman. To do this, a preliminary study must be carried out to help us make a diagnosis.

Técnicas y tratamientos

The technique most commonly performed on women who wish to become mothers without a partner is AID, and the chances of becoming pregnant are very similar to those in a sexual relationship with a partner.

Donors will always be anonymous, their selection being the responsibility of the medical team, as stated in art. 6.4 of Law 14/2006: "In the application of assisted reproduction techniques, the choice of the sperm donor may only be made by the medical team applying the technique, which must preserve the conditions of anonymity of the donation. Under no circumstances may the donor be selected personally at the request of the recipient. In any case, the medical team concerned shall endeavour to ensure the closest possible phenotypic and immunological similarity of the available samples to the recipient woman.

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