Regenerative and Functional Gynaecology Unit

Pelvic floor strengthening for postpartum urinary incontinence / women runners / menopause. Sexual re-education. EMSELLA® BTL

Indicated for strengthening the pelvic floor muscles as part of the treatment of urinary incontinence and improving sex life (for women and men) by enhancing orgasm and male erection.

BTL EMSELLA® is a non-invasive therapeutic device. The device produces an electromagnetic field that interacts with the tissues of the human body. Most of the structures affected are neural and muscle tissues. The results of the tissue interaction include muscle contractions, depolarisation of neuronal cells and influence on the blood circulatory system.

Women of all ages seeking a solution for urinary incontinence as a result of pregnancy, women runners (the pelvic floor receives the continuous pressure caused by the impact of our body against the ground when running, especially on pavement or urban asphalt) and during the menopause.

Women and men who need to improve their sex life. Improvement of pelvic musculature and male erection.

Between 6 and 8 sessions of 30 minutes with a frequency of 2 per week for the first 4 sessions and weekly from the 5th session onwards.

You will feel tingling and contractions in your pelvic floor muscles during the procedure. There is no need to undress.

You can notice the benefits as early as the first session. Improving over the following weeks.

Body shaping, facial rejuvenation and smoothing through non-invasive treatment

BTL EXILIS ULTRA 360™ is indicated for the treatment of obesity by means of a controlled reduction of adipose cells, induced by a radiofrequency field and with the help of ultrasound. Treatment of sexual dysfunction after vaginal childbirth by improving vaginal laxity.

This non-invasive technology can treat and improve multiple areas of the body: forearms, upper arms, face, jowls, décolleté, bra folds, hands, abdomen and lower back, intimate area, buttocks, thighs, knees. No recovery time required.

The BTL EXILIS treatment is ideal for women and men who want to improve the appearance of their face and body.

Generally, 3 to 4 treatments are carried out per week. Each treatment is applied to a specific part of the body, lasting approximately 15 - 30 minutes. Varying depending on the area treated, indications and other aspects.

It is painless. BTL EXILIS is the most advanced non-surgical solution for treating the face and body safely, effectively and painlessly. Most patients describe the therapy as a hot stone massage. The treatment is carried out with the patient lying down so that they can feel comfortable and relaxed.

Visible improvements can be seen after a single session. Results usually improve after a treatment period of three months.

BTL EXILIS is non-invasive and requires no recovery time. You can have your treatment at lunchtime and resume your normal activity in the afternoon, without any discomfort.

Lifting, tightening and rejuvenation of the skin using laser technology, especially suitable for the intimate area.

  • Rejuvenation of the intimate area, both intravaginal and extravaginal.
  • Removal of warts, polyps and skin imperfections.
  • Treatment of hyperkeratosis or similar vaginal dysfunctions.
  • Treatment of mild stress urinary incontinence.
  • Treatment of different types of vulvovaginal atrophy using biostimulation techniques combined with low-energy laser microperforations.
  • Vaginal mucosal thickening using biostimulation techniques unique to the EdgeOne laser using the EdgePulse programme.

It is a set of preventive and other direct applications using laser or associated injection techniques that aim to improve the biological functions in the vaginal mucosa and in the environment of the female areas.

All those techniques that require the thickening of the vaginal tract can be performed, including: vulvo vaginal atrophy (genital ageing due to a natural process or the application of chemotherapy techniques), vaginal hyperlaxity (loss of elasticity of the mucosa), vaginal dryness, female urinary incontinence (urine loss due to effort or under stress), lip atrophy, skin hyperpigmentation (dark spots), viral warts and skin imperfections, as well as many other gynaecological and dermatological applications.

They are mostly bearable, but as a precaution and for the comfort of patients, it is advisable to apply a topical anaesthetic cream to the genital areas to minimise possible discomfort.

Usually the discomfort usually disappears after the first 48 hours, but a period of one week without sexual intercourse and avoiding immersion baths should be respected.

Contraindications are minimal, such as menstruation or problems related to infectious aspects or poor healing and people undergoing oncological treatment.

Sessions are less than 25 minutes. An additional 15 minutes can be added if the external areas also need to be treated.

Certificación Bureau Veritas. ISO9001 , UNE179007
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