Advanced Reproductive Surgery Unit

Hysteroscopy, Laparoscopy and Radiofrequency

Hysteroscopy is a gynaecological technique that allows us to access the inside of the uterus with small camera systems through the vagina and cervix, therefore without scars. This procedure is used both to study the uterine cavity and to solve certain pathologies that may be found inside it.

Diagnostic hysteroscopy plays a very important role in infertility patients. Being able to visualise the uterine cavity allows us to evaluate the state of the uterus and at the same time identify pathologies that may hinder both the achievement of pregnancy and its evolution. We have observed that the correct treatment of certain problems affecting the uterus significantly improves pregnancy rates.

Hysteroscopy plays a fundamental role in the study and treatment of infertility.

When we have diagnosed pathology inside the uterus, either by means of a diagnostic hysteroscopy or 3D gynaecological ultrasound scan, this can be resolved with minimally invasive surgery using surgical hysteroscopy in our centre in Malaga. This type of surgery allows certain problems to be solved in a simple way, without hospital admission and with early outpatient discharge.

On other occasions the pathology that is diagnosed is in the walls of the uterus or in the tubes and ovaries. In these cases we will treat them by laparoscopy through small holes in the abdominal wall with early discharge from hospital and extremely small scars.

Radiofrequency is another advanced, minimally invasive technique.
Through the vagina and guided by ultrasound we can remove fibroids with very encouraging results, returning to normal life within two to three hours after the procedure.

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