Description and indications

Assisted Reproduction Techniques require specific medications for their proper development. The aim of these drugs is to improve the quantity and quality of the oocytes to be obtained.

Each of the techniques will require specific amounts of medication that will also be determined by the circumstances of each patient. This will require a study to be carried out prior to the start of any technique.

The most commonly used medications are ovulation-stimulating hormones, such as clomiphene tablets, and gonadotropins, which are subcutaneously injectable vials and can therefore be administered comfortably and painlessly by the patient. These hormones have an exclusive effect on the ovary. The control of the administration of these hormones will be supervised by the gynaecologist through continuous ultrasound scanning for the duration of the treatment.

Sometimes estrogen and progesterone tablets may also be used after the technique is completed to promote implantation.

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