Fertility preservation

Description and indications

It is likely that you have always thought that one day you would like to become a mother but you think that time is against you. That's why you have the option of saving your own eggs for when the time comes.

Fertility preservation involves saving your own eggs for future use.

Why should I store my eggs?

Because now is not the right time to become a mother; because I have a low ovarian reserve or because there is a medical indication: endometriosis, cancer treatment or ovarian surgery.

How do I know my ovarian reserve?

To find out a woman's ovarian reserve at any given time, a simple blood test is required to determine the number of eggs available.

What is fertility preservation?

The technique consists of preserving the eggs, for which they must be removed from the ovary and cryopreserved.

In order to obtain the eggs, the patient must undergo a process of ovarian stimulation, which is carried out with medication and which must be monitored by means of periodic ultrasound scans to control its evolution.

Once the stimulation process is completed, the eggs are collected from the ovary through a puncture that is performed on an outpatient basis under sedation.

The eggs obtained are counted in the laboratory and prepared and sorted for cryopreservation.

The vitrification process guarantees that the eggs can remain as long as necessary, so that the patient who wants to preserve her eggs to have a pregnancy at a later date does not have to worry about the passage of time, since her chances of pregnancy will be the same as when the egg was preserved, as it will maintain its quality.

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