Postponing motherhood by egg freezing (vitrification of oocytes) in Malaga.

Oocyte vitrification is a technique aimed at preserving female oocytes in order to give women who, due to professional or personal circumstances, need to postpone motherhood the opportunity to become mothers.

The most fertile period for women is between the ages of 20 and 35. It is a time of personal development and job positioning that may conflict with the time needed for the childbearing process.

There are also other medical situations, such as chemotherapy or radiotherapy treatments, which can cause a woman to become permanently infertile.

A simple process of ovarian puncture and rapid freezing of the healthy eggs is carried out, which will be preserved in perfect conditions for future re-implantation together with the couple's spermatozoa.

Similarly, other conditions such as early menopause, endometriosis or autoimmune diseases can compromise female fertility.

In these cases, vitrification of oocytes is indicated as a strategy to carry out a future in vitro fertilisation process by re-implanting the woman's own "young" and healthy oocytes.

Instituto Malavé performs this preventive technique for those patients indicated by means of a simple process, which does not entail a high financial cost.

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