Miri® Time Lapse


Miri® TL is an incubator with built-in time-lapse technology that has very stable and controlled conditions that provide a better culture environment for the embryos and also allows observation of their evolution without having to manipulate them.

Miri® TL is part of a generation of time-lapse systems that combine an incubator, microscope and camera. Images can be captured without causing damage to the embryo. It continuously monitors temperature and pH so that culture conditions are not altered while embryo morphology is displayed.

Miri® TL has six independent incubation chambers and each chamber allows for the individual culture of 14 embryos, so that up to 84 embryos can be monitored at a time.

The use of Miri® TL improves embryo selection by providing more information about the embryo, allowing the detection of morphological and kinetic abnormalities that might otherwise go undetected.

Embryos that meet certain cell division times and appropriate morphological changes have been shown to have a 10-15% higher chance of implantation.

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MIRI time lapse
Certificación Bureau Veritas. ISO9001 , UNE179007
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