Enhancement of endometrial receptivity by PRGF


The technique to improve endometrial receptivity through the use of plasma rich in growth factors (PRGF), or platelets (PRP), is a therapeutic alternative to achieve embryo implantation in fertility treatments when other alternatives are not suitable.

It is a technique that uses the patient's own blood to obtain a concentration of growth factors that, when applied to the uterus, can improve the quality and receptivity of the endometrium.

The procedure to obtain PRGF is relatively simple and non-invasive. A small amount of blood is collected from the patient, which undergoes a centrifugation process to separate the blood components. A concentration of growth factors is then obtained and applied directly with a fine cannula through the vagina into the uterus.

The advantages of this technique are based on the fact that it is a safe and non-invasive procedure, as it uses the patient's own blood. In addition, it does not require hospitalisation or anaesthesia and the recovery time is quick.

Another advantage is that it is able to improve the quality and receptivity of the endometrium, which increases the chances of embryo implantation and thus the chances of successful fertility treatment. It can also improve the quality of cervical mucus and reduce inflammation in the uterus in case of chronic endometritis.

Its application must be prescribed and supervised by a specialist in reproductive medicine.

Certificación Bureau Veritas. ISO9001 , UNE179007
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