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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Egg donation is an altruistic, confidential and financially compensated act in which a woman gives her eggs to another woman to help her become a mother.

The donor receives a financial compensation stipulated by law without prejudice to the altruistic and non-profit nature of the donation.

This compensation will be for the inconvenience and travel to the Centre, as well as for the time dedicated to the donation and for the inconvenience caused during the donation.

Donors must be over 18 and under 35 years of age, in good psychophysical health, and not be carriers or have a history of inherited genetic diseases.

The donor must undergo ovarian stimulation with injected medication in order to retrieve as many eggs as possible from her ovaries and then retrieve them under sedation.

The donation process takes about 12-14 days from the time the medication is started until the eggs are retrieved.

During this time, the donor must visit the clinic for ultrasound checks to monitor the development of the stimulation.

The donor must undergo an informative interview, where she will be asked a questionnaire about her personal details and family history.

Subsequently, she must undergo a psychological test, a gynaecological examination and a blood test to determine her good mental and physical health, as well as to rule out hereditary diseases.

Donation is painless, but there is some discomfort. The stimulation part is somewhat uncomfortable as the medication is administered by needle prick, but not painful.

The follicular puncture to extract the eggs is performed under sedation so the patient does not feel any pain during the process.

Subsequently, there may be some minor discomfort but this can be alleviated with mild analgesia.

The donor can carry out several donation cycles, if that is her wish, with the limitation of 6 live births as reflected in the Assisted Reproduction Law.

Donation has no physical risks, apart from the discomfort caused by the puncture, and no psychological risks.

Podrá reanudar su actividad diaria un par de días después con total normalidad y no le afectará en sus posibilidades de ser madre con posterioridad.

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